The JaK Attack! Number 7.2

You Might Like This Better Than Me by Chinaski

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The JaK Attack! Number 6.2

Jon tries his Irish accent and fails. Miserablyfunny-celebrity-pictures-no-arguements-here1

There is no news in Cooperstown this week. So sad.

Google now understands pronouns!

  • Let’s learn all about Justin Beiber
  • We talk about Interactive Voice Systems in general

Magnatune Song of the Week

Alice in Wonderland by Emma Wallace

Kelly’s HTC One X+

  • She likes it! She really likes it!
  • A little review of what Kelly likes about it, how it stacks up to the iPhone
  • HTC One X, HTC One X+, HTC One…what the hell?
  • Apple price standards
  • Dysan SUCTION! (I don’t know how that got in there….)

Listener Feedback

  • Mark says holla from Florida and we talk about iTunes and RSS feeds and stuff
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The JaK Attack! Number 5.2

What’s Happening in our twin town of Cooperstown, New York? 

  • The annual Polar Bear Jump raised $106K for kids (and 3 adults)! Check it out here.
  • The jump in a hole. Yes, a hole. In the ice. A hole. ’nuff said.
  • Essentially they are fly fishing with human bait.

Listener Feedback!

  • Chris is happy we’re back and relates that he agrees with Kelly Penguin Girl that gift cards are messed up! He also notes that our sound is kind of wonky, but we’re trying to fix it!
  • Ken points out that Jon can use a VGA -> HMDI adapter for his Raspberry Pi. Good call, Ken!
  • Ken also asks for a link to the “Not Samsung” phone Jon almost bought so here it is!

 What Is Bitcoin?bitcoin

  • “crypto currency” with no central issuer to avoid all the pitfalls associated with government issued money
  • It’s kind of like a barter network; you all agree that there is some value to Bitcoins so you accept it as you would money.
  • A Bitcoin is worth about $23USD at this point in time.
  • There is a finite number of Bitcoins that can be put into circulation. It’s 21 million and they won’t all fully be in circulation until 2040.
  • The problem with barter is the “coincidence of wants”
  • Money has to has some sort of value in order for this whole thing to work.
  • Learn an overview of Bitcoin here. Or here at the actual Bitcoin site here.
  • How do you get Bitcoins? Mining or buying from an exchange like Mt. Gox here.
  • Places where you can spend Bitcoins here.
  • Get started with the information here.

 This Week’s Song from Magnatune

The M Edition by Processor

Kelly’s Corner

Shout Outs and Bork Outs!

  • Kelly hates the gamers on Facebook. Ugh, don’t we all???
  • Use Facebook right – show pictures of your dog and stop spamming people with crap!

Contact Us

  • This website (you’re here!)
  • Comment on a post
  • Email us at show at thejakattack dot com


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The JaK Attack! Number 4.2

Cooperstown Winter Festival

  • It happened this weekend. The “British Invasion!”. Schedule of events here.

Kelly’s Cornermontreal_iceberg

HTC One X and Cyanogen Mod

  • Jon gives us a ten-cent tour of Android, modding, and why he decided not to root his HTC One X

Song – Robin Stine

Daydream by Robin Stine

Shout Out and Bork Outs

Google+ Android App

  • After Borking out the Google+ web interface last show, Jon now gives a Shout out to the Google+ Android app. It is freakin’ amazing!
  • Kelly Bork Outs Pre-paid Visa cards



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The JaK Attack! Number 3.2

Nova Scotia weatherHTC One X
Baby, it’s COLD outside! Calgary cold out here right now!

Why Jon didn’t buy the generic Android phone
“Dear friend, it’s a Samsung but not a Samsung.”

Kelly talks about Lush

Jon loves his new HTC One X

Cooperstown News

Jon talks about the GitHub private key issue

This week’s song

Cheat the Devil by The Young Werewolves

Kelly’s Corner
Mail Forwarding from the US to Canada – use a US based postal address to get your stuff forwarded to you

Shout Outs and Bork Outs

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The JaK AttacK! Number 2.2

  • When did Google searches for https? I missed that somewhere along the way
  • The Cooperstown Crier – nobody gets into the Baseball Hall of Fame this year.
  • Give a listen to the Grapevine Podcast – news and events from the Annapolis Valley!
  • Jon might buy this phone. Talk him out of it!!!

This week’s song: I’ll be here awake by Arthur Yoria.


Ill Be Here Awake by Arthur Yoria

  • Jon hates everyone who unsubbed when they heard the show was coming back
  • Kelly talks about Art Gallery 1274

Leave listener feedback here!


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The JaK Attack! Number 1.2

Our first show in…what…a year? Maybe longer? We’re back!

In this show:

Raspberry Pi
Jon talks about his new tiny friend, the Raspberry Pi credit-card sized Linux box. What it’s good for, what it’s not so good for, and what he’s using it for.

Phoenix Hollow B&B
Our humble home has taken the #1 position on Trip Advisor: Phoenix Hollow is rated #1 of ~426 B&Bs in Nova Scotia.

Better World Books
Buy books, do good. Better World Books has donated almost 7,000,000 books to people in need, raised almost $14,000,000 for literacy and libraries and recycles/reused almost 100,000,000 books to do it. Next time you want a book, see if you can get it from first.

Kelly’s Corner
World events oF 2012 from Usa Today and Time. Just to name a few:

  • Hurricane Sandy
  • Mass shootings
  • Obama’s re-election

Episode Song

This show’s song is Voodoo by Sophia Marie from the album Twisted on Magnatune!

Twisted by Sophia Marie

Until we get an email address set up, please leave us any feedback in the comments section of this post.

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The JaK Attack – Coming Back!

We said it. It’s official. We’ll be back in January 2013!

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